Maranjab Desert & Caravansary

Maranjab Desert is located by the city of Aran Va Bidgol, one of the ancient desert cities of Isfahan province. It is also close to Kashan. Maranjab Desert is a place which takes one’s glance to eternity. Becoming deeply impressed by the scenery of moving sands and salt lake, seeing Maranjab caravanserai, examining rare plants, seeing strange animals and awesome sky in night are among motivations that prompt the lovers of natural geography to embark on a trip to this desert.









Maranjab caravansary is one of the most famous and notable caravanserais in Iran. The Caravanserai, located 70 km east of Kashan in the desert, was built by order of Shah Abbas I Safavid to be as a military base and a rest house for the caravans in the 16th century. The strong and rigid construction was made of brick and plaster with four watch towers in each corner. The building has several rooms with a rectangular shape garden in the middle of the building.